5 Cool Gadgets for Your Car

Everyone of us spend countless hours driving the car we own and it became literally our second home.

We all love a good gadget; the kettle that has a timer, or universal remote that controls every electronic device in your house. Gadgets are an ideal way to enhance your experience when doing things.

When it comes to cars, we know the best options out there. Have a look at our top 10 picks of the best car gadgets to boost your driving experience.

5 Cool Gadgets for Your Car

1 - FastandTune Bluetooth Receiver

fastandtune bluetooth receiver

The first item to make it onto our list it FastandTune's Bluetooth Receiver. This clever device is designed to adapt your car's audio system to male it compatible with Bluetooth technology.

Simply connect this Bluetooth audio receiver to your line-in or auxiliary input on your speakers, pair it to your Bluetooth enabled device, and enjoy the wireless music revolution. The signal emitted by the receiver is strong too, so that backseat passengers can take a turn choosing the music too.


  • Bluetooth receiver designed to connect your device to non-Bluetooth enabled car stereos.
  • The device is compatible with any car stereo that has an auxiliary port.
  • The users can make phone calls and play audio through Bluetooth connection.
  • Battery can last for 10 hours.
  • The Signal range is 33 feet.

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 2 - Car Coccyx Seat Cushion

Our car coccyx seat cushion could be the perfect solution if your long car journeys tend to be hard on your back. It's ergonomic design is made to take the pressure off your spine, preventing your lower back from becoming sore. 

The contour of the cushion act to cradle your buttocks while evenly distributing your weight and encouraging healthy spine alignment. It is lightweight and it is easy to take from work, home, to the car so you can sit in comfort no matter where your are.


  • The cushion is ergonomically designed to promote healthy spine alignment while seated.
  • The curved surface cradles the buttocks and will spread your weight evenly.
  • Will gonna take pressure off your spine to prevent lower back soreness on long working day.
  • It is lightweight and easily portable and you can washable cover.

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3 - Mini Portable Espresso Machine

For all the coffee addicts out there, the portable miniespresso machine is the perfect way to replace your standard gas station brew with something a little more stylish. 

It is simple to use and relies only on hand power, prohibiting the need for costly batteries or compressed air cartridges that other mini espresso machine depend on. You can use the machine with all types of coffee.

This awesome gadget is quick and easy to use, perfect for the road trip and camping.


  • Easy to use and hand powered.
  • Very lightweight portable espresso maker.
  • Can be used with any ground coffee.
  • The compact flask can keep your beverage warm for may hours.
  • You can save a lot of money avoiding all the coffee shops on your road.

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 4 - FastandTune Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This clever gadget is a great addition to any car, providing a great range of useful features. The device is capable of emitting both a Bluetooth and FM signal and you can stream music to your stereo directly from your phone.

The Bluetooth 4.2 provides a strong, stable connection for reliable hands-free calling that you can hear through your car’s stereo. 


  • Connect your phone to your car stereo system via Bluetooth or FM signal.
  • Enable hand free calling and stream music directly from your phone to your car stereo.
  •  The device includes two USB ports for handy charging on the go.
  • Simply plug into your car's cigarette lighter.

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